Burger It Forward is a national celebration of Canadian beef burgers with community heart!

The goals of Burger It Forward:

  • To help relieve food insecurity regionally and across the country
  • To 'beef up' the protein portion of food bank offerings
  • To support local/community level restaurants across the region
  • To grill up some of the tastiest beef burgers across the province!

Canada Beef is a not-for-profit organization that represents the 60,000 beef farming and ranching families across the country, providing promotion, information and advocacy for beef that's raised right here — Canadian beef.

Canada Beef is proud to lead the Burger It Forward campaign to help relieve food insecurity through food bank contributions.

As part of the national campaign, for every campaign featured burger purchased, Canada Beef will donate the equivalent of 1 meal to Food Banks Canada*.

*up to a maximum of 20,000 meals (based on Food Banks Canada's meal metric: $1 = 2 meals).


For more than 95 years, the British Columbia Cattlemen's Association has represented beef cattle producers in the province of BC with a priority to produce quality beef for consumers through its volunteer membership and environmental stewardship practices.

As part of Burger It Forward, British Columbia's beef ranchers are donating $5000 to the Food Banks BC.

Food Banks BC

Food Banks BC is committed to supporting the need to for urgent hunger relief services now, while taking the necessary actions to eliminate the need for these services altogether and working towards a hunger-free British Columbia.

Food Banks BC is the provincial association of food banks. Our membership is comprised of 107 hunger relief agencies throughout British Columbia, supporting members and other agencies through the provision of resources that assist their efforts to tackle hunger in communities they represent. This is achieved through the distribution of food and financial donations, providing access to training and networking. Food Banks BC represents a voice for the thousands of British Columbians who face ongoing food insecurity.

For more information visit:


Food Banks Canada supports a network of 10 Provincial Associations and more than 4750 hunger relief organizations from coast to coast to coast, in every province and territory. Together, they work collaboratively towards a Canada where no one goes hungry.

Visit to learn more.


Recognizing the challenges local restaurants have faced over the past 2 years, participation in Burger It Forward is offered to restaurants with no registration fees.

Restaurants are encouraged to give back what they can to their local food banks as part of their contribution to the program. All Burger It Forward profiled burgers feature Canadian beef in support of local cattle farmers and ranchers.